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Thursday, May 25, 2006
(In-)Frequently Asked Questions
Questions that I get asked from time to time regarding lastgoogle:

1. What does the "Last Known Google Result" mean exactly? Is it the last Google search someone did?

No, that would be the Last Google Search Executed (LGSE). The Last Known Google Result (LKGR) is the lowest ranking Google result that Google will display for a particular query. (Google, as far as I can discern, only publishes the first 1000 indexed results.)

For a more philosophical discussion regarding search engine results, see this Slashdot thread.

2. Why isn't the LKGR (Last Known Google Result) I get the same as the one you got?

This is perhaps best answered with a haiku:

spider crawls the web
rearranges universe
nothing stays the same

3. Why would anyone need to know the Last Known Google Result?

Why do people take metal detectors to the beach?

I've actually discovered a few interesting and weird sites that I would not have ever known about otherwise. I'll try to make note of some of them on lastgeist from time to time.

4. What insights does lastgoogle hold for Search Engine Optimization?

For SEO, only this one: the Last Known Google Result will generate far fewer hits than the top Google search result.

But for Search Engine De-Optimization, it's writing the book.

5. Are you sharing your search data with the Department of Justice?

Not only with them, but with the world!
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