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Monday, May 04, 2009
Lastgoogle Achieves Minor Memedom
...for the first time a while. Just noticed a spike in traffic:

Looks like most of it's coming from and some Brazilian site that I've never heard of.

Babelfish makes a half-assed attempt to translate:

The rank of number 1 in a search of the Google is a privileged position for many people, companies or company, but is not interested in this type of futilidade of the modern life. In the place of this, it less shows the searched result of a term, what in certain way, also it is an honor. To use, he does not have secret. He is alone to type the term desired and to make its search, or to clicar in the button " I´m feeling unlucky" (" I feel azarado") e to be happy. It has access the LastGoogle What it found the LastGoogle? It comments!

" is not interested in this type of futilidade of the modern life" -- couldn't have said it better myself.

Coincidentally, I'd just started working on some enhancements for the site. Unfortunately, they won't be ready for this spike.

Anyway, thanks for the referrals. Sorry for any technical problems.
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